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 Popular and Mountain View one-way going south?

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David (forum admin)

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PostSubject: Popular and Mountain View one-way going south?   Mon Jul 30, 2007 12:32 pm

In the 7/23/07 DHNA meeting, we requested (of a representative of the City) that turns off Ponce de Leon going west (down the hill) onto Sycamore be outlawed between 6 and 9AM, to alleviate through traffic on Sycamore. (Those currently taking this route can go down Winn Way, which is not residential.)

We also requested traffic on Poplar St. be made one way going south (up the hill). Otherwise, people now turning at Sycamore will simply turn at Poplar, turn back left at Grove, then turn back right on Sycamore. (We probably should ask those living on Poplar what they think of that. Presumably, the City will give them a chance to express their opinions before any decision is made. Hopefully, they'll agree, as that would avoid an increase in traffic on their street.)

We should probably also request a sign on Winn Way at Pinehurst, saying no turns into Pinehurst 6-9AM. Otherwise, people who might otherwise drive down the hill at Ponce and turn left onto Sycarmore (if that were still allowed) might elect to go north, turn left onto Winn Way, turn left onto Pinehurst, then turn right onto Sycamore going north.

We should probably also request that traffic on Mountainview (one block west of Sycamore) should be made one way southbound. Otherwise, people going west on Sycamore can turn right onto Mountainview, right at Oak Lane, right at Hillcrest, then left at Sycamore.

If you're not familiar with these streets, they are in the lower corner in this aerial image of the neighborhood:

(It's not very convenient, but a Decatur policeman who thought I was going too slow going east out of Decatur did it once. Unfortunately for him, he was waiting to turn left off Hillcrest when I went by, as I caught the light. When I turned right on Grove, he sped up, happy to not be behind someone who is expected to drive the speed limit.)

Here again, presumably, the City would give the residents of that segment of Mountainview a chance to voice their opinion before any decision.
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Popular and Mountain View one-way going south?
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